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Bhansali International is the exporter of "BI-OIL" Brand Natural Menthol Crystals (BP/USP), other Menthol Products and Essential Oils in Jodhpur – India. We are Pioneer, in the field of Menthol Crystals manufacturing and have established our "BI-OIL" Brand all over the world for its reliability & purity.

The "BI-OIL"brand name is recognised and respected  around the globe for quality, reliability and service. In fact, we have a history of excellence that dates back more than two decades.

Menthol Crystal is a white crystalline substance with a characteristic pungent odor. It is derived from the natural oil of the Peppermint herb Mentha Piperita.

Basically Menthol Crystals are used as raw material in preparation of medicines, pharmaceutical formulas, confectionery products, herbal products, candy and chewing gums, cosmetics, pain balms, tooth paste & oral products etc.

It is used for the purpose of preservation, getting flavor, freshness and cool sensation. Now a day’s menthol has become a bare necessity for each and every person on the globe.
Main sources of Menthol Crystals and Peppermint Oil
The crop of Mentha piperita is being cultivated in the countries of India, China and upped some extend in Brazil and USA. India is the largest producer of Peppermint Oil and Natural Menthol Crystals.

Owing to its merits/usefulness it has a hunting demand all over the world and till now India and China are fulfilling the world demand out of which India’s share is of 60% and above.

But now you and your country can also contribute in fulfilling the demand of Menthol Crystals by installing an Eco-Friendly manufacturing unit with the state of art technology developed by us.
"Bhansali International" is an international trading house of Essential Oil.
1 AJOWIN OIL Amni Visnaga India Steam Seed
2 AMBRETTE SEED OIL Abeimoshus Moschatus India Steam Seed
3 AMBRETTE SEED EXT. Abeimoshus Moschatus India Hydro Distt. Seed
4 ANISEED OIL Pimpinella anisum India Steam Seed
5 ANISE OIL Pimpinella anisum India Steam Herb
6 ANGELICA ROOT OIL Angelica archangel India Steam Root
7 ALOEVERA GEL A.Barbadensis India Cold Pressed Leaf
8 BASIL OIL Ocimum basilicum India Steam Herb
9 BACHU LEAF OIL Agathosma Betulina S.Africa Steam Leaf
10 BAN TULSI OIL Ocimum Gratissimum India Steam Herb
11 BAWCHI OIL Psoralea Rylifolia India Cold Pressed Seed
12 BAY OIL Laurus Nobillis  European Steam Leaf
13 BERGAMOT OIL Citrus aur. bergamia Italy Steam Herb
14 BETEL LEAF OIL Piper Betle India Steam Leaf
15 BIRCH OIL Betula Lental European Steam Bark
16 BLACK PEPPER OIL Piper nigrum India Steam Fruit
17 BORAGE OIL Borago officinalis China Steam Herb
18 BURSIERA OIL Bursera Glavrifolia India Steam Herb
19 CADE OIL Juniperus Oxycedrus India Steam Herb
20 CAJEPUT OIL Melaleuca cajuputi Indonesia Steam Leaf
21 CALAMOUS OIL Acorus Calamus India Steam Root
22 CAMMOMILE OIL(Roman) Anthemis Nobilis U.K. Steam Flower
23 CAMMOMILE OIL(Blue) Matricaria chamomilla India Steam Flower/Herb
24 CAMPHOR OIL  Cinnamomum Camphora China Steam Leaf
25 CARAWAY OIL Carum carvi W.Indies Steam Seed
26 CARROT SEED OIL Daucus carota India Steam Seed
27 CASSIA OIL Cassia Fistula China Steam Leaf/Twig
28 CARDAMOM OIL Eletteria cardamomum India Steam Seed
29 CEDARWOOD OIL Cedrus deodara India Steam Wood
30 CEDAR LEAF OIL Thuja Occidentalis Canada Steam Leaf
31 CELERY SEED OIL Apium graveolens India Steam Seed
32 CORNMINT OIL Mentha Arvensis India Steam Herb
33 CHILLY SEED OIL Capsicum Annum India Cold Pressed Seed
34 CHAMPACA OIL Jasmine Sambac India Steam Flower
35 CINNAMON LEAF OIL Cinnamonum zeyl Ceylone Steam Leaf
36 CINNAMON OIL Cinnamonum zeyl. India Steam Bark
37 CITRONELLA OIL – JAVA Cymobogon nardus India Steam Herb
38 CITRUS PECTIN OIL Citrus aur. bergamia Italy Steam Herb
39 CLARY SAGE OIL Salvia sclarea Russia Steam Flower/Leaf
40 CLOVE BUD OIL Eugenia caryophyllata Medagaska Steam Bud
41 CLOVE OIL RECTIFIED Eugenia caryophyllata Indonesia Steam Leaf
42 CORIANDER OIL Coriandrum sativum Russia Steam Seed
43 CUMIN SEED OIL Cuminum Cyminum India Steam Seed
44 CURRY LEAF OIL Leaves Curry India Steam Leaf
45 CYPERIOL OIL(nagermotha) Cypreus Scarious India Steam Herb
46 CUCUMBER OIL Cucumber India Cold Pressed Fruit
47 CYPRESS OIL Cupressus sempervirens India Steam Leaf/Cone
48 DAVANA OIL Artemesia Pallens India Steam Whole Plant
49 DILL SEED OIL Anethum Sowa India Steam Seed
50 D-CARVONE  Anethum Sowa India Steam Seed
51 ELMI OIL Canarium Luzonicum Philippines Steam Resin
52 EVENING PRIME ROSE OIL Gamma Linolenic China Steam Herb
53 EUCALYPTUS OIL Eucalyptus Globulus India Steam Leaf
54 EUCALYPTUS Citriodora OIL Eucalyptus citriodora India Steam Leaf
55 FENNAL SEED OIL Foeniculum vulgare India Steam Seed
56 FENUGREEK OIL Trigonella Foenum India Steam Seed
57 FIR NEEDLE OIL Abies Balsameal Russia Steam Needle
58 FRANK INCENSE OIL Boswellia frerana Oman Steam Resin Tears
59 GALBANUM OLE Ferula Galbaniflua India Hydro Distt. Gum Resin 
60 GARLIC OIL Allium Sativum China Steam Clove
61 GERANIUM     Pelargonium India Steam Leaf
62 GUAJAC WOOD OIL Bulnesia Sarmienti Paraguay Steam Wood
63 GINGER GRASS OIL Cymbopogon martini Sofia India Steam Grass
64 GINGER OIL Zingiber officinale India Steam Fresh Root
65 GRAPE FRUIT OIL Citrus Paradisii Italy Steam Peel
66 GURJAN OIL  Dipterocarpaceae India Cold Pressed Bark
67 GULTHRIA OIL Gaultheria Procumbens India Steam Leaf
68 HARSHINGAR Nyctanthes Arbortristis India Steam Herb
69 HEENG OIL Ferula Foetida India Steam Seed
70 HEZEL NUT OIL Hamamamelis Virginia European Cold Pressed Fruit
71 JASMINE OIL Jasminum grandiflor. India Hydro Distt. Flower
72 JASMINE OIL Jasminum Sambuc India Hydro Distt. Flower
73 JATAMANSI OIL  Nardostachys Jatamansi Nepal Steam Root
74 JAMROSA OIL Cymbopogon Khasians India Steam Herb
75 JUNIPER BERRY OIL Juniperus communis India Steam Fruit
76 JUNIPER LEAF OIL Juniperus communis India Steam Leaf

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