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There are two different kind of Guar meal available:
         *  Guar Meal (Churi)          *  Guar Korma "BI-MEAL"

Guar Meal (Churi) is having upto 38-42% protein contains & Guar Korma "BI-MEAL" is having upto 50% protein contents.

Guar Meal (Churi) comes as husk/powder form and  Guar Komra "BI-MEAL" comes as granular form.

In GUAR MEAL “CHURI & KORMA”, Most important benefit is---both of above product has prices very lower than Soyabean meal and Corn Gluten meal. GUAR MEAL "Churi" you can use as substitute of "Corn Gluten Meal" and GUAR KORMA our Brand "BI-MEAL" can use as substitute of "Soya bean Meal".

We are exporting Guar Meal & Guar Korma "BI-MEAL" to many of countries like Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Jordan & Greece in very big quantity.

Guar meal is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group; it is having up to 50% of protein (o+a) with a digesting content. Which improves cows or buffalos' digesting system and as it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in its milk and also increase the quantity of milk. Natural Guar meal-KORMA is high protein & suitable for cattle feed & can be used as ingredient for other animal/pet food/feed manufacturing.

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