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Uses (Industrial Application)
Oil Well Drilling: In oil well drilling mud, gives a better colloid thereby reducing water losses. It regulates the viscosity of mud solution, stabilizes and regulates the flow properties of the drilling mud.

Paper Industry: Guar Gum provides better properties compared to substitutes. It gives denser surface to the paper used for printing. Guar Gum imparts improved evasive and writing properties, better bonding strength and increased hardness. Due to improved adhesion, it gives better breaking and folding strengths.

Explosives: In explosives it acts as water proofing agent, and gives better gelling and swelling. A high viscosity, fast hydrating Guar Gum with a fair degree of dispensability. Recommended for use where rapid development of viscosity is desired.

Textile Industry: Guar Gum gives excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing and printing. It reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting while sizing and gives better efficiency in production.

Industries Uses Functions
Oil well drilling Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing Control of : Water loss, viscosity. Suspension turbulence
Textile Printing
Cotton, rayon, silk, wool sizing.
Reduces warp breakage; reduce dusting film forming; thickening for dye.
Paper Wrapping paper, Kraft, photographic paper, filter Replaces hemicelluloses, increases strength, fold pick, pulp hydration retention of fines; decreases porosity.
Mining Concentration of ore filtration Flocculating and settling agent; filter aid.
Explosives Stick explosives, blasting slurries Waterproofing; gelling agent.
Water treatment Industrial water, drink water Coagulant aid, food approved.
Tobacco Reconstitution of fragmented tobacco Binding agent, strengthening agent.
Coal Mining Coal suspension, shock impregnation Friction reducing, suspending agent.
Fire Fighting Water for fighting fires. Friction reducing, dispersion and direction control.
Ceramics Enamels, electro ceramics Fixing, binding, thickening agent.
Photography Emulsions, gelatin solution Gelling, hardening agent.
Synthetic resins Polymerization, suspension, collagen dispersion Thickening, binding agent.
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