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Guar gum powder  is manufactured in a completely automated plant which uses stringent quality control thus ensuring that the product adheres to perfect hygiene and GMP guidelines. Guar Gum powder is manufactured by mechanical extraction from the guar seed endosperm which contains about 80% Galactomannan (gum). The sieved gum is then passed through blenders to make it homogenous. It is a white to creamish amorphous powder, dispersible in cold and hot water to form a translucent and colourless to whitish colloidal solution.

  100 200 300  
  BI-COL. F-10 BI-COL. F-14 BI-COL. F-30  
    BI-COL. F-16 BI-COL. F-31  
    BI-COL. F-18 BI-COL. F-32  
    BI-COL. F-20 BI-COL. F-33  
    BI-COL. F-21    
    BI-COL. F-22    
    BI-COL. F-23    
In comparison to other commercial available gums and hydrocolloids, Guar Gum Powder at equivalent solids in water has the highest viscosity. The main properties of guar gum powder is as follows:
  1. The viscosity of its solution increases gradually with increasing concentration of guar gum powder in water.
  2. Temperature, pH, presence of salts and other solids influence the viscosity of guar gum powder solution.
  3. Guar Gum Powder has excellent ability to control rheology by economic water phase management.
  4. Guar gum powder has excellent thickening, emulsifying, stabilising and film forming properties.
  5. At very low concentration, Guar gum powder has excellent settling (flocculation) properties and it acts as a filter aid.
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