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Quality is the essence of our enterprise. Our quality standards are the highest in the industry. We constantly explore the possibility ourselves through research and development. Our quality model is constituted upon the following:-

1. A most hygienic environment
2. Eco-friendliness
3. A team of highly skilled and motivated technicians.
4. Modern lab with state-of-the-art facility.
5. International standards of quality assurance.

The plant is self sufficient owing to its own power management system., which includes a 500 KVA. DG set.

Every step from the selection of raw material to the shipments of finished products is closely monitored and documented. A hygienic environment is rigorously maintained during production. Through cleaning and checking of each equipment is performed at regular intervals. Process control, capability, and integrity are closely and constantly monitored. Raw material quality is thoroughly checked upon arrival and before every batch. In-process testing is carried out at two - hour intervals. Proper sampling of finished products is done before testing. Proper checking of testing equipments is performed for functionality and calibration.

Only after a through review of the best results by the quality assurance personnel the finished product is released for packing. Any non-conforming product at any stage is promptly marked and segregated for further action.

We have obtained an ISO: 22000-2005 & GMP quality certification for our operation.

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