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Senna is a well -known drug in Unani system of medicine and it consists of Leaves and pods of Cassia angustifolia.. Being an excellent laxative, senna is used as a febrifuge, in splenic enlargements, anemia, typhoid, chlorea, biliousness, jaundice, gout, tumors, foul breath and bronchitis. It is used in treatment of amoebic dysentery as an anthelmintic and as a mild liver stimulant. Senna Leaves contain glycosides, sennoside A,B,C,D.

Senna is generally sowed in two seasons namely February-March and July - November. The crop gets ready for harvest in two months but usually first plucking of leaflets is done after three months of sowing when the bulk of the leaves appear mature, thick and blue. Second plucking is done a month later and the third plucking is taken along with the pods after the 4-6 weeks of second plucking.

The leaves and pods are dried in a thin layer in shades for 4 to 7 days; the pods are lightly beaten during drying to remove the inert seed material. Then senna properly stored and protected from light. The immense benefits of senna leaves and pods powder is that they retain their biological activity even after five years.

We are producing best quality senna leaves and powder, as all the process from cultivation, grinding to processing is done under the strict supervision of our talented employees at our plant situated in Rajasthan, India. We are also focusing towards FDA approval for our Factory by the American authorities.

Product Offered:
  • Senna Leaves
  • Senna Pods
  • Senna Leaves Powder
  • Senna Pods Powder
  Specifications of Senna Leaves.     Specifications of Senna Pods.  
  Loss on Drying 6.80%     Loss on Drying 6.80%  
  Total Sennosides 2.37%     Total Sennosides 2.37%  
  Total Ash 7.02%     Total Ash 7.02%  
  Acid Insoluble Ash 1.55%     Acid Insoluble Ash 1.55%  
  Heavy Metals ( ppm) -     Heavy Metals ( ppm) -  
  Solvent Residue ( ppm) -     Solvent Residue ( ppm) -  
  Pesticide ( ppm) -     Pesticide ( ppm) -  
  Aflatoxins ( ppb) -     Aflatoxins ( ppb) -  
  Others -     Others -


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