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Industrial Application
Uses (Food Industry)
Food industry uses it, being versatile and consistent in quality, widely in bakery products, ice creams, pudding, noodles, frozen food, baby-food, vital fiber-food, instant-mixes, sauce-soups, pet-food etc.

To use its one or more combined properties as to viscosifying, binding, texture, stabilizing, thickening, gelling, inflating, suspending agent etc.

The largest market for Guar Gum is the food industry. Guar Gum is used as a thickening agent and a binder of free water in sauce, salad dressings, ice cream and many other application. Other items using Guar Gum include...Frozen foods, cheeses Pie filing, icings Pet foods, bread improvers Instant noodles, beverages, etc.
Industries Uses Functions
Frozen Foods Ice cream, soft serves, frozen cakes Water retention: ice crystal inhibitor; stabilizer
Bakery Bread, cakes, pastry icing Dough improvement greater moisture retention; prolonged shelf life.
Processed Cheese Cottage cheese, cream cheese Increases the yield of curd solids; improves tenderness.
Dairy Products Yogurts, desserts, mousses Inhibits when separation; keeps texture after sterilization.
Dressing and Sauces Salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish Cold water dispersible, acid resistant emulsion stabilizer.
Instant Mixes Pudding, sauce, dessert, beverage Fast, cold dispersible thickening and texturing agent.
Canned Foods Pet foods, corned beef, baby foods Reduces splash while filling; viscosity control; prevention of fat migration.
Beverages Cocoa drink, fruit nectar, sugarless beverage Acid resistant thickening and suspending agent.
Animal Feeding Veterinary preparation, calf milk replacer. Suspending agent; granulating agent.


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