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Guar Gum Powder Food Hydrated Grade

Information Fast hydration Guar Gum Powder (FHG) is also well known by many other names like quick hydration Guar Gum Powder, Guar slurry etc.The most common use of this product is to increase the production of oil and gas and is used in industries like well drilling, oil and gas drilling. It is mostly used for applications where quick hydration and high terminal viscosity is required.

Bhansali offer comprehensive range of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder in order to comprehend and meet varied requirements of our esteemed clients. The product range offered by our company is widely acclaimed in the market for its excellent features like purity, safe usage, long shelf life and accurate composition. "BI-COL. FH" brand use in oil industry while offer Fast Hydratio Viscosity, cP from 30 uptp 40 in 60 Min as per FAN viscometer.

we have successfuclly createad a sense of trust and assurance of quality among our clients' after years in this business, and proudly emerged as the leading manufacturer and exporter of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder (FHG). Thus we strive to maintain excellent market standards and satiate varied needs of market efficiently. We offer high quality Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder to satiate different needs of our customer.

Colour Off White/Ceramist
Mesh 200 Mesh Retain 1%
Texture Fine Powder Soluble In Water
Ash 01.00% Max.
Protein 05.00% Max.
Moisture 7% Max.
Gum (By Diff) 82.00% Min.
P.H. 5.0 To 7.0

GRADE "BI Col. FH-30" "BI Col. FH-35" "BI Col. FH-40"
3 Minutes (+/- 1) 31 cps min 35 cps min 38 cps min
5 Minutes (+/- 1) 33 cps min 37 cps min 42 cps min
30 Minutes (+/- 1) 35 cps min 39 cps min 46 cps min
60 Minutes (+/- 1) 36 cps min 40 cps min 47 cps min

Fann Viscosity:
Viscosity at 2% KCL solution, with 0.48% solution of guar gum powder at FAN 35 Viscometer after minutes on 300 RPM at 25 degree C (stirring at 1500 RPM for two and half minutes in warring blender) or deionized water (of pH 7.2) 500ml. in a beaker and 2% KCL (10g.) and Guar Gum Powder 2.4 gm. Switch the stirrer 2.5 minute at 2500 RPM. The solution is to be maintained at a temperature of 25 degree C.

25 Kg/ 50 LBS, multiwall paper bag with inside polyliner / laminated (paper bag size 32") / or 1000 Kg / 500 Kg Jumbo bags or as per buyer's requirement.

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