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Guar Gum Powder

BHANSALI INTERNATIONAL produces best quality and pure Guar Gum Powder under its TRADE MARK of "BI-COL" brand in food industry while offer viscosity up to 6500 CPS in 24 Hours and microbiological aspects as minimum as you ask, having completely pneumatic controlied processing unit to offer excellent consistency in the quality.

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of high-quality Food Grade Guar Gum Powder

The processing machineries used by our company are packed with latest technologies which uses stringent quality control thus ensuring that the product adheres to perfect hygiene and GMP guidelines. Guar Gum powder is manufactured by mechanical extraction from the Guar Seed endosperm whlch contains about 80% Galactomannan (Gum). The sieved gum is then passed through blenders to make it homogenous. It is a White to Creamish amorphous powder, dispersible in cold and hot water to form a translucent and colourless to whitish colloidal solution.

We offers the Powder in d ifferent Mesh Sizes from 60/100 to 300 Mesh with a viscosity up to 6500 CPS, with controlled bacteria counts conforming to international standards. We have modernized in-house laboratory for evaluation of Chemical& Micro Biological parameter.

HS-Code of Guar Gum Powder 130.232.30
CAS Number Of Guar Gum Powder 9000-30-0
EEC No. Of Guar Gum Powder E-414
BT No. Of Guar Gum Powder 1302.3290
EINECS No.Of Guar Gum Powder 232.536.8
Imco Code Harmless

Technical data and other specification
"BI-COL" Guar Gum Powder is available in various grades in different viscosities, particle size distributions etc for various applications as follows :

BI Col. Series Mesh Viscosity (*min.)
F-8 40/60 2500 cps
F-10 100 3000 cps
F-14 200 3000 cps
F-16 200 3500 cps
F-18 200 4000 cps
F-20 200 4500 cps
F-21 200 5000 cps
F-22 200 5500 cps
F-23 200 6000 cps
F-30 300 3000 cps
F-31 300 3500 cps
F-32 300 4000 cps
F-33 300 4500 cps

Minimum in 24 hrs.
(1% Solution, 25C, Brookfield Dvll+/rvt Spindle 3 or 4, 20 Rpm)

Other Composition

Moisture Max. 11%
Air Max. 2.5%
Protein Max. 3ppm
Lead Max. 3ppm
Arsenic Less than 20 ppm
Heavy Metals Max. 0.8%
Ash Min. 80%
Galactomaanan 200

Microbiological Analysis

Aerobic Plate Count/Gm. <10.000
Yeast and Mold/Gm. <300
Coliform/Gm. Negative
E. Coli/10Gm. Negative
Salmonella/25Gm. Negative
Staphylococcurs/10Gm. Negative

Regularity Status "BI-COL" like other Guar Gum is classified as generally recognised as sage (gras) by the food drug administration of various countries. "BI-COL" is free from any preservatives and pathologjcal micro-organism. The Technical Specification of "BI-COL" are in accordance with the norms lain down for Guar Gum, however, prior to the use of "BI-COL" in any food formulation, we request the users to please check that the application complies with various rules, regulations and other laws controlling such uses.

Other Composition

Moisture(max%) 14.0 15.0 10.0
Ash(max%) 1.5 1.5 0.8
Acid Insoluble(max%) 4.0 7.0 2.5
Protein(max%) 7.0 10.0 4.5
Galactomannan(min.) 75.0 66.0 80.0
Starch Absent Absent Absent
Arsenic(ppm Max.) 3.0 3.0 3.0
Lead(ppm Max.) 10.0 10.0 10.0
Heavy Metals(ppm Max.) 20.0 20.0 20.0

"BI-COL" is a natural water soluble agent, so it can be used in a wide range of applications as a Thickner, Stabilizers, Emulsifier Viscosifier, Rheology Control Agent, Bodying, Clouding Agent and for Processing Aid, either alone or in combination with other Gums, Hydro Colloids, Starches, Gelling agents etc.

"BI-COL" used in Ice Creams, Sharbat, Baked Good, Ketch Up, Sauces, Meat Product, Instant Noodles etc.

It is also used in various industrial application like Cosmetics, Paper Industry, Textile, Explosive, Water Treatment, Mining, Petroleum, Paints and Others.

Guar Gum Powder is Commonly Exported in
25 Kg / 50 Kg HDPE Laminated Paper Bag with inside Ploy Liner (its standard packing being used in USA, Europe & Middle East Countries) 25 Kg / 50 Kg Multi Layered (Wall of Peper) Paper Bag with inside Poly Liner. 650 / 909 / 1000 Kg Packed in HDPE Polywoven Bags (Jumbo Bag)

Packaging, Container Stuffing and Shipment

Weight Of One Bag Product Description 1 x 20 FCL Palletisation and Screen Raping 1 x 20 FCl Without Palletisation
25 Kg Net BI-Col. Brand Multicolured / White / Brown / HDPE Laminated Paper Bag with inside Liner 18.000 MT. 22.000 MT.
50 Kg Net White / Brown / HDPE Laminated Paper Bag with inside Liner 18.000 MT. 22.000 MT.
500 Kg Net Jumbo Bag ( HDPE Woven Bag) 18.000 MT. 22.000 MT.
Protein(max%) Jumbo Bag( HDPE Woven Bag) 18.180 MT. 22.000 MT.
Galactomannan (min.) Jumbo Bag( HDPE Woven Bag) 18.000 MT. 22.000 MT.

Packing Facilities
Stuffing of containers and sealing is being done under strict supervision, since this is a very critical point. The bags have to remain in the container anywhere between 20 to 60 days till it reaches the destination and have to sail through different climatic conditions, so proper care is taken in selection of containers and stuffing of the bags so that buyers receive the goods in factory in fresh condition.

The Lots Number, Batch Number, Month of Mfg., Expiry Date etc is marked on each & every bag. shipped in FCL Lots consisting of 4 batches (each of 5 Tons).

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