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Guar Gum Meal Churi

Processed Guar Meal "Churi" (Fodder) is a High Protein Animal and Poultry feed stuff. Guar Meal is the by-product obtained after guar gum is extracted from the guar seed (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba) of leguminous plant. It is processed by toasting at high temperature to remove natural trypsin inhibitor. Thus enhancing its nutritive value and digestibility. It is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and is a 100 % natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives, Non-GMO product.

Processed Guar Meal (Fodder) can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuffs or by itself, as it is a complete nutritional feed.

Advantages of Processed Guar Meal "Churi" (FODDER)

  • It is free from Salmonella, Aflatoxin & E. Coli , which often infects cottonseed meal.
  • It is free flowing and therefore can be stored in silos, and does not create any problems in discharge.
  • It is completely non-flammable.
  • It contains average of minimum 45 % “ O & A “ ( Oil &Albuminoid )
  • It can be used as a binding agent for palletizing other feed compounds due to presence of residual gum.
  • 100 % Non-GMO product
Product Code BI-Feed Meal Churi
Appearance Flour Form (Powder)
Grade Cattle Feed/Poultry Feed/Calf Feed/Fish Feed
Crude Protein 38% - 42% (Min.)
Fat 4%
Crude Fibre 14%(Max.)
Moisture 6%(Max.)
Ash 6% (Max.)
Calcium as Ca 0.20%
Phosphorus as P 0.76%
Digestible Protein 80-85%(Min.)
Calories K.Cal/Kg 3000 (Min.)
Arsenic ppm 0.2
Lead ppm 0.1
Methionine 0.50%
Tryptophan 0.7%
Threonine 1.28%
Methio+Cystine 0.99%
Lysine 1.67%
Arginine 5.12%
Isoleucine 1.30%
Luecine 2.43%
Glycine 2.19%
Glycine + Serine 4.04%
Histidine 0.98%
Salmonella in 25gms Absent
Free from Alfatoxen
Total Dioxins 0.015 ng/kg%

Technical Information

Processed Guar Meal (Fodder) is a high protein feed stuff. It is widely used as partial substitute of soya beans meal.

Its advantages:

  • Very Good binder, give solid Pallet
  • Increase throughput > 10%
  • High protein meal at > 20% lower in price
  • Free From Salmonella &Alfatoxin& E. Coli
  • Free Flowing
  • 100 % Non-GMO product
  • Contains minimum 45 % of “ O & A “


  • Poultry: 4-7%
  • Swine: 5-7%
  • Ruminants: 5-12%

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