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Guar Refined Splits

Guar Gum Split is refined Endosperm derived from Guar Seed or cluster bean (Cyamoperm Tetragonoloba).

Guar Splits are non-ionic Polysaccharide Galacomannan. Guar Gum Refined Split (Endosperm) is mechanically separated from Guar Seed which yields 28-30% of Refined Split. Guar beans are harvested and dried following the growing season. The beans are shelled from the pods, the germ and hull removed. The resulting Guar Splits are wet-milled into powder; the powder is graded by granulation and quality. Products are re-blended according to specification, bagged and marked. Guar Gum Split with its versatile inherent properties is used all over the globe with different utilities in many industries like Petroleum for Oil Drilling, Textile, Printing, Food Pharma, Cosmetic, Toiletries Paper, Tanneries, Mining, Explosives, Pet Food etc. in powder form either directly plain Guar Gum Powder or in derived form.

Color Pale-White
Gum Content 80%-85%
Splits 92%-98%
Mineral Water (ASH) 1.5% Maximum
Fibre 1.5-2.0 % max
Protein 5% Maximum
Ether Soluble Substances 0.6% Maximum
Acid Insoluble Ash (Sand or Silica) Traces
Black Split 1% max
Heavy Metals Nil
Appearance Bright Creamy Yellow

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